The adventure begins!

Today, December the 7th, it’s a month since the presentation of the mural to the local residents, we put the first stone of this work that now will begin to take the shape of a book.

Made the foreword, next step is to present a little the chapters of this story. That is, this first post will be the index. However, to be a living work that grows and changes with the passage of time, the index is now closer to a draft of a screenplay or of a script.

With no other diversion or frill, we leave you a list of possible titles for future posts:

The Penitents, Barcelona:

Past, present and future: bell towers and windmills

The snake that emerged from the bowels of the earth

The Barcelona of Josep Moscardó

The Bacchanal by Titian

Agaves, mallows and brooms

Where the day is born out of the sea and dies in the woods

Rosa Maria:

Windows, curtains to the wind and blue bottles

The Circeo sea, the sea of Brittany

The dolls: past and present

Rose garden, Rosa Maria and the engraving

Wisteria, Rosa Maria and Color

Jean Pierre:

Pirouette, the dog of Dürer’s Melancholy

Stormy Sea, Brittany

A stone treasure hidden in the mountain

Magnifying Glass and the Printing Press

The Last Trip, The Suitcase

The work of Velly in thirteen scenes:

Paysage – Landscape

Tuyau – Pipes

Fleurs, Plantes – Plants and Flowers


Visages – Faces

Maternité – Maternity

Métamorphose – Metamorphosis

Tas d’ordures – Piles of Garbage, Piles of Dumps

Restes – Remains

Bestiare Perdue – Lost Bestiary

Après – After

L’ombre, la lumière – The shadow, The Light

Arbre – Tree


Arachne’s Myth

More chapters will be revealed when the time comes…

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